The environment around us is an essential part of human survival. Pyramids Tires likes to believe that people who do not care about the environment simply do not understand how important it is to all of us. These are our reasons to be concerned about the environment.

At Pyramids Tires, our slogan is A Clean Environment Is Essential for Healthy Living. There are too many ways to achieve this:

Since the start of the project, the company has taken into account the highest standards for the environment, safety, and occupational health in accordance with the agreed standards and laws of the World Environment Organization. The production lines are equipped with DUST COLLECTORS to collect black carbon and dust into special packages and re-use them.

In addition to this, the company has already established an industrial water treatment station that can take the water used in production and treat it for use again.

Pyramids Tires is a pioneer – it does not use any raw materials classified as poisonous or carcinogenic in its production. The raw materials used for manufacturing tires include natural rubber, synthetic rubber, strengthening materials known as cords, soot, and various chemicals. All raw materials are selected with the aim of identifying the least harmful options.

Taking into account the life cycle of a tire, the majority of the environmental impact occurs when the tire is in use; most of this impact is due to the vehicle’s fuel consumption. Using an economical driving style – avoiding sudden braking and acceleration – can lead to fuel consumption savings of 10–20 percent.





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