Pyramids tires Egypt – Port Said warrants to her customers her tires as they expected a lot from tire such as safety and performance so most of our customer will ask a lot of question regarding warranty that we will try to reply on them by follow samples questions.

What’s the warranty policy and for how long?

Pyramids tires covered her motorcycle tires by 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects.

The warranty is only accepted with the original purchasing invoice or to the original owner of the vehicles.

If the noted tires become unserviceable due to workman shop or raw material anomaly during first 50% from the first year the tire will be replaced with the same tire at no charge on customer, but incase after the first 50% the owner will pay 50% of tire price compare with the current tire price.

What’s not covered under pyramids tires warranty?

Tires transferred from the motorcycle or vehicle on which they were originally installed.

Tires which are misapplied due to insufficient Speed Rating, Load Index, undersized or oversized tires.

Tires damaged from improper mounting/dismounting practices.

Tire dealer/retailer services (e.g., mounting, dismounting, balancing, and alignment).

Tires in which anything other than air or nitrogen has been used as the support medium.

Tires injected with liquid balancer or sealant or any other balancing material.

Tires which have been modified by the addition or removal of material or any tire intentionally altered to change its appearance.

Tires which had been repaired.

Tires which were retreaded, re-grooved, or changed in pattern or profile.

Tires used in any type of racing or competitive event, which constitutes extreme use and voids all expressed and implied warranties.

Tires removed as a pair when only one tire can be claimed, or is suspect of a claim.

Tires which become unserviceable because of tire operation in excess of tire/wheel manufacturers’ specifications and recommendations





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